It's my first day?

So if you tuned in about a month ago, i was endeavouring to cover the bland white walls in my room with photo’s galore! At the time I had a Pentax K-X which I had taken all of the 200+ photos i had printed. Im glad to announce that im halfway through those photos and i’ve got one wall pretty much covered! It’s a bit scary, because I have so many more to go, and that’s not even counting any shots I’ve taken with my new baby (Canon 7D) which are yet to be printed. Here’s a couple of photos to show you the wall :D

4 years ago
  • Falyn: hey man... i have to be corny, i was corny at church yest... BOOM 326 bucks in donations.
  • Wes:'d do well as a 'pro'
  • Falyn: yer man..take that Eric
  • Wes: I meant as a prostitute
  • Falyn: .....oh
4 years ago

Like glue, He holds it all together.

He is the glue that holds together every cell in my body, the glue that binds muscle to bone. He is the glue that binds my heart, mind, body and soul.

He is the glue that holds my family together, that strengthens the joins between us. He is the glue that strengthens the bonds between my friends, the ones I love most.

He is the glue that fixes a broken heart, the glue that fills the cracks in a broken spirit. He is the glue that attaches us to this world, glue that gives us strength to make a difference.   

He is the glue that holds it all together, when my world is breaking and crumbling around me. He is the glue that keeps me together.

My Glue, Your Glue, Everyone’s Glue

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"See what we now know is nothing compared,
To the love that was shown when our lives were spared"
Lauryn Hill - “Tell Him”
4 years ago

It makes too much sense. How can both men possess such incredible amounts of awesome?

Fact: They both love wearing and buying suits.
Fact: They are both ladies men
Fact: They both love drinking scotch
Fact: Too many other similarities to list..

It is entirely possible that they are of the same genetic pool…it would explain a hell of a lot. Believe it *insert creepy X-Files music here*

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a new creation…

a new creation…

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Much like Malcolm X was sick and tired of the white man holding the brothers down, and dominating everything, I too am sick of the white walls that enclose my room. They’re boring, pale, lack culture, get dirty easily, and look back at me arrogantly as to say ‘what you gonna do about it son?’ 

So i have taken the liberty of getting a whole stack of my photography printed and plan to plaster every inch of my room with photos i have taken of family, friends and everyday inanimate objects. I’ve only just fallen back in LOVE with photography this year, and I’m thinking the room needs to show some love for it too. And as a bonus i got the prints for 50% off and processed in 1/4 of the normal time..SCORE! 

This is gonna be gooooooood.

Peace and hairgrease

4 years ago
"I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am."
The Man, The Legend….Ron Burgundy
4 years ago

So i decided to jump on board and see what all this Tumblr mumbo jumbo is all about…apparently its ‘what all the kids are doin these days’.

Looks like it could be quite a bit of fun sharing my photos, ideas, thoughts and my general verbal (and mental) diarrhea with you. I couldn’t really think of a new whitty or necessarily funny title for my blog, so im definitely open to suggestions. Feel free to throw random ideas and objects at me.

Peace and hairgrease,

Your pal Wes

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